Chinese Writers’ Residency

The CI Writers’ Residency Program financially supported by the Hanban is organised in Italy by Ca’ Foscari University of Venice with the support of the local Confucius Institute. Each year we will invite one or two writers, one for term, to stay in Venice and travel to other Italian cities. The writer has to stay in the city for at least three weeks but no longer than one month. He/she should also give a lecture in the local CI, furthermore the writer can travel to one or two other CI to meet other translators, to give speeches, or to participate to literary events and so on. The coordinator of the program in Venice is prof. Nicoletta Pesaro.

The main idea of this new program is to create opportunities between Chinese writers and translators in order to improve the translation quality. The chosen writer needs to have at least on work (book or short story) translated into the local language. Ideally he/she has a work that is currently being translated. This activity will also stimulate the local interest on Chinese literature and help Italian translators deepen their knowledge of Chinese writers.

The writer should stay 3-4 weeks in the country and work together with his/her and other translators (with “work” we mean different ways of interaction, the main thing is they get together and discuss on texts but also spend time talking, and meet readers, students and publishers). A round table with the translators will be held as well as a meeting with students and readers. The writer will visit the city, and its artistic and cultural spots.

The first edition, starting in October 2018, will feature Ye Zhaoyan (born in 1957, his grandfather, Ye Shengtao, also a writer, was one of the leading figures of the May Fourth Literary and Linguistic Movement), a writer based in the ancient Chinese capital, Nanjing: he is the author of several novels and eight collections of short stories and essays. His most famous novel, Nanjing 1937. A love story, has been translated into a variety of languages, included Italian (Nanchino 1937. Una storia d’amore, Rizzoli, 2003).

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