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cropped-simile-al-vecchio-21.jpgThe Laboratorio on the Translation of Asian and North African Languages was founded in 2008; it gathers researchers and translators who work on the main issues related to a number of non-European (and Euro-Asian) languages and cultures, and on the relationship between the latter and our own culture in the contemporary world, as well as in history. Our research is not only focused on what languages transmit – culture, texts, authors – but also on the ways in which all these elements are conveyed from one language to another, in an attempt to shed light on the often asymmetrical nature of cultural interplay.

The Laboratorio regularly organises conferences, lectures, and debates on translation, from both a theoretical and a practical perspective; it supports publications in the field of TS and promotes translations, through the new-born Ca’ Foscari Editions series Translating Wor(l)ds.

The Laboratorio also holds meetings with writers, publishers, and translators, and aims at exploring the cultural and social interaction at play in the practice of translation at all levels, proposing new threads of research and reflection, and providing a repertoire of information, knowledge, and experiences.

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