Sinosfere n. 2: Follia

d11da5a8e6f3400c85c7fd0fdc449e47-2We are proud to announce the second issue of the Italian online journal Sinosfere, focused on the topic of Madness, with articles by Corrado Neri, Amina Crisma, Chiara Ghidini, Sofia Graziani, Tobia Maschio and Laura De Giorgi, Nicoletta Pesaro, Nicola Piccioli, a photostory by Wu Hao and an introduction by Ester Bianchi. You will find also a new translation of Can Xue’s story “Shanshang de xiaowu” by Francesca Daviddi.

In the section “Sinografie”, you will also find an analysis by Marco Fumian on the recent Chinese debate on Western and Chinese values, presenting a translation of some relevant essays by Chinese scholars and politicians.

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